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Pritchard Francis offers a Scholarship to students studying at the University of Western Austalia which includes an offer of work experience. Additionally, Pritchard Francis partners with Curtin University to offer an annual placement for work experience to one student for a semester, as part of the Curtin WIL Program.

See what our employees have to say about their experiences

My internship with Pritchard Francis was very enjoyable and provided me with valuable knowledge and skills that will benefit my future career as an engineer. This can be credited to the opportunity to work closely with senior engineers within the company, who were eager to teach and always available to help. I gained great insight into the industry and the day to day life within a consulting office through the experience, both at the desk and on-site. I was very fortunate to be involved with a range of projects that introduced me to both civil and structural engineering, giving me a clearer idea of the direction that I would like to progress my career towards.

Kit Strickland - Undergraduate Engineer

Work Experience Placement 2018

I was unsuccessful for the Pritchard Francis scholarship program in 2015, and I was lucky enough to receive vacation work off the back of my interview. Ever since starting vacation work at Pritchard Francis I have been given real design projects to work on. Designing real projects, although tremendously difficult at times, has been the most effective training to maximise my professional progression throughout the last two years. The support provided by the company throughout this time has been a critical contribution in my growth. From my first day of vacation work and even today, the highly experienced engineering team at Pritchard Francis have provided unlimited support and guidance anytime I have required it.

Blade King - Graduate Engineer - Structural 

Work Experience Placement 2015








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