Graduate Development

Why is Graduate Development so important to us? 

Arthur PsaltisSpeaking personally, my early opportunity for employment came through a work experience placement at Pritchard Francis. This led to a Graduate position that established strong foundations in what has been a very rewarding and successful career.

We have always seen enormous value in employing students and graduates, and developing them into outstanding individuals with exemplary skills and ability.

The Firm comprises of engineers and staff in other roles that have started with us as students, trainees or graduates and remain here today in varying roles right through to Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technical Officer and Principal level.

The time and effort our two founders, Bob Pritchard and Lionel Francis, invested in me was enormously valuable to my career, in terms of my personal and professional development. This fundamental approach is imprinted within our company values and is evident within our culture. Individual development, collaboration, training, diversity, mentoring are all strong identifiable attributes of our make-up.

“When we employ people, we are not looking to fill a role or task, we are looking at creating a career for that person within our firm”.

One of the most satisfying parts of my role as CEO is seeing individuals develop. I’ve witnessed individuals join us as young adults with little or no technical experience and develop into outstanding people with the highest level of skills and experience, remain with the Firm for many years and impart significant influence within the Firm. Most importantly, it’s these people that carry the tradition of developing the next generation and future leaders of the Firm.

Lastly, I believe there is no more important and influential time in someone’s career than when they are a graduate. The responsibility of ensuring people are trained properly and thoroughly understand the work they do is something we take very seriously. We have an obligation to the person, the profession and the community to develop people appropriately so they can reach their full potential.

Arthur Psaltis 

Chief Executive Officer


Graduate Development Pathways 

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University Sponsorship 

We sponsor the following university groups:

  • The Civil Engineering Society UWA
  • UWA University Engineers Club