Scholarship Recipients

Meet some of our recipients 

The hands on learning I’ve experienced at Pritchard Francis has been instrumental to my rapid growth as a professional engineer. I’ve had responsibilities and jobs that have increased in depth and complexity as my skills and knowledge has grown. Learning about the industry by working on a diverse portfolio of projects has given me a broader perspective of the industry, the frequent site visits have sharpened my skills and the detailed analysis and design has deepened my knowledge. The work can be challenging, but with the solid and dependable support from all the Pritchard Francis team the challenges become valuable learning opportunities. The Pritchard Francis scholarship has given me a solid foundation to build my future as a professional engineer.

Felix Smith - Engineer - Structural

Scholarship Winner 2017

Entering into full time employment at the completion of my university studies, I quickly gained experience working on a large variety of projects, from office based design to supervising construction on site. Pritchard Francis provides me with training opportunities, both internal and external and even interstate.

Now eight years on, I’ve had the opportunity to work in our Perth office, our Broome office, travel across the north of Western Australia for project work, and now I’m based in Darwin, as the lead structural engineer. Pritchard Francis continue to look after my interests, both personal and professional, and have allowed me to grow within the business, for which I am very grateful.

Troy Oliver - Project Leader - Structural 

Scholarship Winner 2010

After completing vacation work, I started full time employment in 2006 and was supported to take my career in a number of different directions. After 4 years of technical experience in civil engineering, I was given a secondment opportunity to a leading construction firm in Perth to develop my understanding of construction and project management. The combination of design and construction experience has assisted me in becoming a more competent engineer and given me the opportunity to further develop relationships within the industry. Pritchard Francis also encouraged and supported me in studies at UWA to complete a Masters of Business Administration which has helped me grow into my current position of Principal Engineer.

Mark Riddell - Principal - Civil

Scholarship Winner 2005

After winning the Scholarship in 2003, I joined Pritchard Francis as a full time Structural Engineer in early 2005 and couldn’t be happier with how my career has progressed since then. I have had the opportunity to further my interest in sustainability, have worked in Melbourne on secondment and travelled to Stockholm representing Pritchard Francis to present a paper on the Condor Tower project. I have valued and grown from the experiences available through Pritchard Francis and believe that they have played a large role in my career progression to a Principal of Pritchard Francis.

Chris Tyler - Principal - Structural

Scholarship Winner 2004

2011 Western Australian Young Professional Engineer of the Year