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Doley Road, Byford

Land Development

Project Type / Category
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End Client
Parcel Property
Wormall Civil / Tracc Civil
Project Value
$60M - $75M
Project Location
Doley Road, BYFORD WA 6122
Project Completion
Site Area
Number of Lots Developed
Number of Stages
Value Engineering Solution
  • Import of excess fill from another client’s site, aiding to greatly reduce forward earthworks costs
Unique Design Items
  • Tree retention along external roads to accommodate local shire priorities
  • Non-standard arrangements with local authorities to facilitate the client’s desired road design and layout

This major residential subdivision project in Byford has been ongoing for several years. Having worked with the client previously, Pritchard Francis was engaged to undertake delivery of the detailed design for the subdivision - gaining necessary construction approvals, negotiating a tender, awarding contract works and including site superintendence responsibilities.

Currently in the works, the project is subject to development contribution schemes, which have included external road and servicing upgrades. Pritchard Francis has successfully facilitated the import of excess fill from another client’s site in Baldivis, thus greatly reducing the costs of the forward earthworks.

Priorities for the site have included stormwater management through passive treatment systems (involving rain gardens and a multi-use corridor (MUC)), tree retention along external roads, and negotiations with local servicing authorities for acceptance of non-standard arrangements for the client’s desired road design and layout.