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Tanner Ridge Estate, West Swan

Land Development

Project Type / Category
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End Client
Condor Estates Pty Ltd
APH Contractors Pty Ltd
Project Value
Project Location
Coast Road, West Swan, WA
Project Completion
March 2013
Site Area
Number of Lots Developed
Number of Stages
Value Engineering Solution
  • Early clearances required single stage submissions.
Unique Design Items
  • Design of services on small lots (frontages as narrow as 5.1m).

Tanner Ridge Estate involved a 94 lot subdivision with lots varying in size of 144m2 to 250m2 located in the jurisdiction of City of Swan.

Careful consideration needed to be provided during design stage as the site had clayey soil conditions, high groundwater table levels, minimal sewer grades that dictated minimum lot levels and very small sized lots which made location of services a critical component.

Significant volumes of structural fill were brought on site to allow for sufficient clearance between the high groundwater table and the finished lot levels whilst at the same time achieving Class A site classification. Subsoil drainage was also strategically located, in order to control the groundwater level.

Attention to detail and innovative design were incorporated to accommodate for the small lots and their services. Placing some services at the front of the lots and others in the rear laneways, minimised the instances where the services clashed with not only one another but also the proposed garage locations. This also provided greater flexibility for builders to comply with industry regulations.

It was also critical to minimise the amount of imported clean fill required which in turn would diminish the cost to the project.

In addition, close liaison was required with City of Swan to ensure the drainage design was in accordance with the Urban Water Management Plan. The UWMP was developed for the overall estate covering an area greater than just the Tanner Ridge Estate.

Our client required early clearances be sought ahead of completion of construction work which involved lengthy negotiations with service authorities.  As a result of these negotiations, all submissions to service authorities were made as a single stage.