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Tuckey Cove, Mandurah

Land Development

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Encourage Pty Ltd
DM Civil
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Wanjeep Street, Dudley Park, MANDURAH WA 6210
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  • Servicing: For the early stages, getting power to the site required negotiations with Western Power as the services had to come from an area outside the development. These talks were held with Western Power to resolve servicing issues before tendering the works, ensuring additional works could be carried out as part of the development works, thus avoiding servicing delays.
Unique Design Items
  • Tie-ins with Existing Infrastructure: The site is bordered by existing roads, residents, public open space, infrastructure and schools. The design of these stages is further complicated by having to retain existing trees. After a lot of negotiations with existing residents, Main Roads WA and the local authority, designs have been produced that tie in with surrounding constraints and a multitude of trees have been retained.

Located east of the Mandurah Bypass Road on the western side of Wanjeep Street in Mandurah, Tuckey Cove is a 1,000 plus lot subdivision which has 400 lots left to develop. The development is being and has been, constructed in stages comprising 50 lots, depending on market demands since the early 1990's.  Planning has changed over the years so construction methods, costings and renegotiation with authorities has had to be continued to ensure the intended changes could take place and still be cost effective.

Environmental issues such as Black Cockatoos and flora and fauna concerns were dealt with for the whole site, which involved negotiations with government agencies to confirm all issues were addressed and resolved in the correct manner. These processes delayed work, as they needed to be sorted before work could be carried out on site and designs prepared.

Further to the main site, the Ravendale Development is one of the stages associated with the Tuckey Cove development constructed on approximately 1.6ha of land. The Ravendale site was a remnant piece of land surrounded by houses, roads and a school.  As this was a very restricted area, lot levels, road and walls needed to be designed to tie-in with all the surrounding features which required a lot of detail and negotiation with adjoining residents.

By negotiating with the current contractor, rates have been held and uniformity of work continued, this has allowed the works to run smoothly and construction costs have reduced as a result.