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480 Hay Street


Project Type / Category
Commercial / Office
End Client
BGC Development
Project Value
Project Location
480 Hay Street, Perth, WA 6000
Project Completion
Value Engineering Solution
  • Partially piled raft alternative.
  • Clay layer tanking for reduced dewatering requirements.
  • Semi top down construction.
  • Wind tunnel testing.
Unique Design Items
  • Partial demolition and undermining of attached heritage building.
  • Construction of ballroom above heritage building.
  • Hotel pool located on 20m clear span above ballroom.
  • Raft foundation designed for numerous potential building cases.

Pritchard Francis was initially engaged to undertake the alternative design solution for the proposed basement and foundation system of the 480 Hay Street precinct, located at the east end of Perth’s CBD.

The Client was looking for cost and time savings for the project and asked Pritchard Francis to provide an alternative design. Due to the design constraints, this assessment had to be undertaken within a two week design timeframe.

During this limited period Prichard Francis reviewed the basement, piling and construction sequence solutions to come up with an alternate solution.

The review and alternative design enables the Builder to:

  • Reduced the risk of water permeating through the perimeter walls below water table;
  • Removed all basement construction propping requirements;
  • Reduced the dewatering requirements;
  • Reduced the piling requirements;
  • Designed a new construction methodology while still ensuring no ground anchors were required as high pressure gas was located outside the site boundary.

The outcomes of the two week review included:

  • A total cost saving of $10M in the basement construction;
  • Three month construction program reduction;
  • Removal of the two high risk design items for the basement construction.

Following the completion of the review, Pritchard Francis was engaged to process the design solution through design development. Further details can be found here: