Renewable Energy & Sustainability

We are consistently pursuing an integrated sustainable future, providing engineering and advisory support to renewable energy projects. As industry leaders in the Renewable Energy and Sustainability sector, Pritchard Francis are experts in Decarbonisation offerings, through our Integrated Sustainable Design (ISD) and Pathway to Net Zero (P2NZ) frameworks.

We work with our clients to advise how we can future-proof their business against the ever-rising cost of utilities, communications, transport and maintenance, by bringing practical and sensible ISD into the strategic infrastructure planning of their enterprise(s).

We undertake audits of new and existing facilities for our clients and provide recommendations for clean technology integration, improving efficiency and taking advantage of the natural capital and waste streams they have available.

In undertaking these activities, we have found a unique, practical and affordable pathway for our clients to achieve net zero and set themselves apart from their peers.

We have a number of Global Reporting Institute (GRI) accredited personnel with strong industry connections and knowledge, to enable delivery of customised solutions with world-leading expertise at their core.

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