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Rous Head Cargo Services

Structural Engineering

Project Type / Category
Distribution Centres
End Client
Stevenson Logistics
MODUS Design Pty
Lanskey & Scott Construction
Project Value
Project Location
Project Completion
Value Engineering Solution
  • 4 Alternative frame designed to ensure cost effectiveness
  • 3 Alternative slab designed to ensure cost effectiveness.
  • Review and Implemented alternate Civil pavement system to reduce pavements depths from 1.2m to 0.6m.
Unique Design Items
  • 109T front axle load reach stackers
  • 250T washdown pad.
  • AQIS quartine design requirements.

Rous Head Sub Area A is a commercial sea container terminal facility developed on reclaimed land located at the Fremantle Port. The development contains over 5.2ha of external pavements that can cater for 109 tonne reach stacker point loads and containers stacked six high vertically. 

Pritchard Francis investigated options to reduce project costs such as:

  • Ground improvement methods
  • alternative pavement materials
  • 4 alternative steelwork frame solutions
  • 3 Slab alternative solutions
  • 3 Corrosion protection solutions

The project incorporated:

  • 5.2ha heavy pavement site
  • 1,000m2  - 350 tonne washdown pad to cater for tracked vehicles
  • Water and contamination compounds
  • 2 storey office
  • 2x 2,000m2 warehouses for racking and side tippers.
  • Fire tanks and pumps and other smaller services
  • 50 tonne dual lift external gantry crane

The Pavement design was critical for the project success, due to the existing  low soil bearing pressures alternate solutions were investigated. The use of recycled aggregates in the construction of the pavement provided a stronger, alternative to traditional road base products and offered savings in time by eliminating cement improvement methods.

As the 5.2ha of pavements were to be traversed by large reach stackers, the proposed pavement formation had to be suitable to withstand this load. In conjunction with the geotechnical engineers, a suitable pavement formation was designed.

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