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Crab Creek Road, Broome - Man-Galagun Track


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Department of Parks and Wildlife
Project Location
Crab Creek, WA
Site Area

Pritchard Francis was engaged by the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) to provide advice on upgrade works required to make the Man-Galagun Track (MT) passable for longer periods during the wet season. The MT provides access from Crab Creek Road to Roebuck Bay and the Broome Bird Observatory, to Crab Creek and to other recreational areas about 20km out of Broome.  During the wet season in Broome, the road is often required to be closed due to flooding and unsafe road conditions. The substandard condition of the MT was deemed a visitor risk and liability issue for the Yawuru Park Council (YPC), given the substandard conditions of the road for the volume and type of traffic it receives.

Pritchard Francis’ scope of works consisted of site visits with DPaW and provision of typical construction details and specifications. Through agreement with DPaW, Pritchard Francis produced fit for purpose designs which have proven to be economical for DPaW as well as effective in improving access for the Man-Galagun Track during the wet season. Pritchard Francis has also design and documented a number of new stormwater outlets that are designed to control the discharge of water into Roebuck Bay while fitting in with the surrounding environment in this important coastal area.