Corrie HefterCorrie Hefter

General Manager - Corporate Services

Human Resource Operations  |  Stakeholder Management  |  Organisational Development  |  Process Improvement

As General Manager of the firm’s Corporate Services, Corrie is experienced in the areas of human resource operations, stakeholder management and organisational development, with domestic firms large and small. She has been an integral part of the Pritchard Francis team since 2014, managing our HR operations, and is now undertaking a more diverse portfolio for Pritchard Francis.

Corrie provides high level strategic planning and operational direction for the firm’s IT, bids, human resources, communications, quality assurance and general support services teams across its three offices in Perth, Broome and Darwin.

Corrie is passionate about promotion of diversity in our workplace and the engineering profession in general, as well as identifying efficiencies and implementing strategies that drive performance of the corporate services team, continuing to build on the culture of delivering service excellence.

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