James LeiperJames Leiper

Lead – Strategic Development

Non-Process Infrastructure  |  Commercial / Institutional 

James is a dynamic Engineer and industry-leading advocate for sustainability and innovation. Achieving Chartered Professional status after only 4 years in the industry, James has gone on to become a GBCA Green Star Accredited Professional, recognised Life Cycle Design Analysis user, Infrastructure Sustainability Council Accredited Professional and the previous Chair of FutureNet WA. He was also recognised by Engineers Australia as the 2017 WA Young Professional of the Year.

James has strong experience in reinforced concrete, steelwork, timber and masonry structures as well as the design of steel and concrete structures under blast loading. He has completed many projects requiring complex design solutions for a broad range of structural engineering projects, including large scale industrial, resource and commercial developments.

James now undertakes the role of Lead - Strategic Development within Pritchard Francis, seeking new opportunities across the wide range of sectors offered by the Firm. He has an active role in innovation and digital transformation for the Firm, pushing and going beyond the boundaries of standard practice in the field of engineering.

Connect with James: or james.l@pfeng.com.au