Ken Herold

Project Leader

Lead Consulting  |  Chemical & Process  |  
Heavy Industrial & Distribution

Ken is the Project Leader for all industrial design discipline projects within Pritchard Francis. With a background in architectural design and documentation, as well as development experience on large scale chemical and industrial commissions, he brings 40 years of experience to his projects.

His approach to solving details simply and elegantly with due consideration of aesthetic and other design requirements makes him ideally suited to take on a proactive design role. Over his 25 years with the Pritchard Francis team, he has been responsible for overall planning and coordination of design and detailing, as well as managed and developed numerous industrial based projects from concept design through to completion of construction.

Ken is experienced across a range of industry sectors spanning remote accommodation villages and resource works, warehousing, electrical infrastructure including power stations, industrial processing, fuel storage facilities and dangerous goods terminals.

As Project Leader, and often Lead Consultant, Ken has significant experience integrating extensive collaboration and coordination of other consultants’ work.

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