Modular Construction / Transportable

Due to increased regional layout costs, limited accommodation in remote locations and the advantages of offsite fabrication, transportable and modular construction has provided considerable benefits to projects in remote communities. As the acceptance of these systems has grown, so have the overall requirements for architectural finish, comfort and ease of construction. This has led to the introduction of modular construction technologies in more traditional buildings in urban environments.

Understanding the industry and knowing the various alternative manufacturing processes available is critical to optimising the design of the structure. The design of the tie downs for these structures can only be successfully implemented on-site by the consultant and modular manufacturer coordinating effectively to ensure design loads are transferred through the support frames and into the tie down system.

The design and manufacture of modular units requires the design consultant to have a clear understanding of the manufacturing requirements from the supplier. Types of projects undertaken by Pritchard Francis include the camp site accommodation, remote community school buildings and multi level accommodation and residential projects.