Structural Engineering

Structural design incorporates all elements of the building form. It encourages creativity and requires integration of aesthetic design, functionality, constructability and commerciality. Providing structures that resist imposed loads and perform appropriately for their intended use is fundamental. The challenge of structural engineering is to provide the right solution to projects in an economical way without compromise.

Pritchard Francis implements innovative structural engineering solutions incorporating economical design and sustainable principles.

Our team regularly provides structural engineering consultancy services within the following sectors:

Sustainability - Green Star Building Design

Incorporating sustainability initiatives into today’s buildings is not the expensive, time consuming and costly exercise it was in years past. Green star building design and Life-Cycle-Assessments are now every day design requirements and are part of Pritchard Francis’ overall capabilities

Pritchard Francis boasts having Western Australia’s first green star structural engineer (Director - Chris Tyler) who leads our sustainable initiatives. Incorporating social and environmental outcomes are essential to providing the correct sustainable solution. Good building design and intelligent architectural design can now be enhanced using sustainable design initiatives. Designing with grounded environmental principles can have a beneficial 5 fold effect on the operational costs over the life of the building.

Pritchard Francis has completed projects with the highest (6 star) rating. We understand the requirement for each star rating and actively propose environmentally sustainable design solutions to achieve these objectives.


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