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Belmont Warehouse Structure

Structural Engineering

Project Type / Category
Value Engineering Alternatives
Project Location
Belmont, Western Australia
Project Completion
Value Engineering Solution
  • By jacking and raising the existing roof structure to double the storage capacity of the existing warehouse at 10% of the replacement cost.
Unique Design Items
  • Maintenance of existing structure.
  • The roof structure required minimal modifications
  • The existing external masonry walls were retained, temporarily stabilised and incorporated into the modified buildings.

The owner of the 7,000m² warehouse could not lease his 3.6m clear height warehouse. For 10% of the cost of rebuilding to 6m clear height, the roof was lifted and the owner successfully sold the building.

Increasing the height of the warehouse required separating the wall elements from the roof, jacking the roof from 3.6m to 6m with overlapping columns and then infilling the walls.

The floor was in an adequate condition and did not need major improvements. This made the project more commercially viable. The roof was also in adequate condition and did not need replacement.

By increasing the storage height this building transformed from a warehouse proving difficult to lease into a fully leased property and of significantly greater value.

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