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Canning Pest Control Operator Bridge


Project Type / Category
Feature Projects
End Client
City of Canning
Project Value
Project Location
Ferndale Flats, Canning
Project Completion
Value Engineering Solution
  • Pritchard Francis developed an innovative floating abutment that would rise and fall with the water level or sit straight on the ground.

Pritchard Francis was engaged by the City of Canning to complete the detailed design of a footbridge to allow Pest Control Operators to traverse a stream within the Ferndale Flats wetlands.

Having previously used a log bridge, the site presented several constraints that had to be met. These included cost, the bridge needing to be light enough to lift in with a small crane, have no permanent foundations, have minimal effect on the surrounding environment and adapt to rising water levels.

Pritchard Francis were involved throughout the entirety of the project. After liaising with the client and relevant stakeholders to produce a suitable design, our Engineer worked with the Contractor to identify potential construction efficiencies.

During installation, Pritchard Francis were responsible for completing a lifting study and were present on site to provide advice during the lift.