Industrial Design

Pritchard Francis has a dedicated in-house industrial design team.

A major distinguishing factor between the Industrial Designer and a general architect is the focus on providing the optimum technical solution over aesthetics, with particular attention on safety, efficiency of operations, ease of long term maintenance, and maximising the overall return on a client’s investment during the lifespan of a building.

If the key driver for the project is to provide a unique architectural design aesthetic or green building solution, Pritchard Francis can engage specialist design architects, interior designers, landscape architects, or sustainability consultants to enhance their capability to achieve our client’s desired outcomes.

Our industrial design team typically works within the following market sectors:

  • Manufacturing and chemical processing facilities
  • Warehouse, distribution and logistics centres
  • Transportation infrastructure (e.g. bridges, tunnels, railway facilities, seaport & airport support facilities)
  • Process infrastructure (e.g. refuelling stations, storage tanks, security facilities and protective structures)
  • Non-process infrastructure, support facilities, and accommodation camps
  • Communication and power infrastructure
  • Waste management and transfer facilities
  • Miscellaneous public facilities and structures

The Industrial team’s scope can include:

  • Lead consultancy and management and coordination of other design disciplines
  • Feasibility and concept design studies
  • Condition and defect assessment of existing buildings and infrastructure
  • Cost reporting, with Quantity Surveyor
  • Schematic and detailed design documentation
  • Technical specifications
  • BIM 3D modelling, clash detection, and design coordination review
  • Safety in Design reviews
  • Management of the tender process
  • Contract administration and site superintendency during construction

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