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The Garden Hotel


Project Type / Category
Hotel & Tourism
End Client
FJM Property
Taylor Robinson
Alpha Build
Project Value
Project Location
Leederville, Western Australia
Project Completion
November 2009
Value Engineering Solution
  • Two-way suspended portal frame deck (no bracing).
  • Temporary works structure was maintained to be final structure to reduce materials.
  • Existing structural columns to be deliberately “rusted” to achieve architectural intent.
Unique Design Items
  • New to existing design and interface.
  • Live loading and Durability issues.
  • Staged construction to ensure full operation of existing facility and abolitions.

The garden was the first development in a series of renovations to the Leederville Hotel. The original side bar located next to the pub has been transformed into an open air beer garden.

Pritchard Francis was involved in the structural redesign of the 100 year old building. This included opening up the existing facility with the removal of loadbearing walls and increasing access ways and allowing for new bifold doors and thoroughfares. The existing external beer garden was demolished and replaced with a contemporary design blending the traditional style with the contemporary.

Maintaining the existing trees and existing brickwork walls adds to the appeal of the development. Existing columns were onsite sand blasted to remove corrosion protections and deliberately rusted to achieve the required architectural impact. The suspended deck was a deliberately exaggerated for architectural impact which allowed the structural solution to be a two-way portal frame.  This removed the requirement for any cross bracing which allows for clear open spaced.

Fixing and detailing to the original structure was challenging due to no existing information on the original structure. The existing brittle brickwork was remediated in several locations and made good to suit the development.

 The civil component of the project included converting an existing flood prone car park into a new function area.